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The Mile-High Milk Club

One of the toughest parts of working and breastfeeding is the dreaded Business Trip. I’ll cover other aspects, like pumping in clients’ offices or at conferences, and storing milk in hotel rooms, in forthcoming posts. For now, we’re going to focus on what it is like to *magically fly through the air* with breast milk.

Warning: none of this is fun or exciting. It is mostly stressful, messy, cumbersome, and weird. Excited? Here we go!

Packing for the plane

Some women call their pump “medical equipment” and try to get around the one carry-on and one personal item thing. But it’s a good idea to pack as if this were not an option, in case you encounter an ornery TSA agent (so┬ámuch of traveling with milk comes down to the individual agent).

First, pack your purse into your suitcase and cram a makeup bag down one side of the pump bag, and your wallet, keys, and phone down the other side.

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